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Duck Dynasty- It all Began With an Invention as a Way to Make Money
by dj kimball on August 3rd, 2013

Getting Rich Duck Style

Phil & the Duck Commander Family

The extreme success of the Duck Dynasties series on the A&E Network has taken cable television and the whole reality TV experience by storm. A huge part of this success can be chalked up directly to the attraction of the whole Robertson family, who offer up 30 minutes per episode of family entertainment void of any sexual innuendo, cursing, and most other vices, with the exception of Uncle Si and his ice tea habit.

But mention Duck Dynasty, Phil or Willie Robertson, or even Duck Commander duck calls and most people will think of their success in the context or shadows of the Duck Dynasty series. In reality the Robertson family success began over 30 years ago when Phil Robertson refused to listen to conventional wisdom, and turned his back on the NFL. Instead Phil elected to follow his passion for duck hunting, which in turn lead him to enter the world of invention, marketing, and entrepreneurship. It was Phil Robertson’s desire to invent and market a better duck call, the Duck Commander that set in motion everything you see today from A&E and the bearded Robertson boys down on the Quachita River.

About Phil Robertson; Self Made Millionaire

Phil is native to Louisiana having grown up in the small town of Vivian, with six brothers and sisters. Growing up in a large family, hunting became a way of life for the young Phil Robertson and a way to support the family. In addition to hunting, Phil began to stand out as an athlete in high school where he was All State in football, baseball and track. Phil’s athletic ability eventually won him a football scholarship to Louisiana Tech University in Ruston La., where he played from 1965-1967 along with famed quarterback Terry Bradshaw.  The amazing thing is Phil’s ability to throw the football kept his second string quarterback Terry Bradshaw on the bench for much of the two seasons they played together. Later in life Phil would be quoted as saying “Terry went for the bucks and I chased after the ducks.”
While Phil may play the part of a simple country bumpkin on the Duck Dynasties series, that is not quite reality. The inventor of the Duck Commander duck call obtained a Bachelor’s degree in Physical Education and a Masters in Education. He went on to teach for several years during which time his students came to love his gentle nature and country charm in the classroom. But like every entrepreneur who came before him, Phil was not content to while away the years working for someone else.   Phil Robertson would eventually listen to his heart and trade the classroom for his beloved woods and the duck hunting he longed for. Once again, Phil had bucked conventional wisdom and walked away from a teaching career to build his own dynasty.

Inventing the Duck Commander Duck Call- a guide on How to Become a Millionaire

Back on the Quachita River in West Monroe Louisiana Phil began to look for ways to turn his passion for duck hunting into a business to support his family. By now Phil and his wife Kay had added four young boys to the family, Alan, Jase, Willie, and Jeptha Robertson. The Robertson boys helped out with the family’s other business, commercial fishing, while Phil began to spend more time focusing on ducks.
Over time Phil came to the conclusion that current duck calls on the market were inferior and poor performing. Phil imagined he could create a superior duck call that would produce the exact sound of a duck. Specifically, Phil set out to produce the exact sound of a mallard drake in a duck call that was dependable under any weather conditions in the field, with no dis-assembly, no reeds, and ease in blowing.  The very first duck call in the Duck Commander line up was born in 1972. Phil applied for and subsequently received patent protection for his duck call resulting in the Duck Commander Company being incorporated in 1973. 

The business started off as a home based family business and has for the most part stayed that way. Initially all of the duck calls were manufactured and shipped right from the Robertson family home. Phil was not only the inventor but also became the sales arm of the company often traveling and demonstrating his product to various hunting stores. Phil likes to tell the story of how one store in Stuttgart Arkansas laughed him out of the building when he first tried to sell them his duck calls. If you guessed that the same store is now one of his biggest customers you would be correct. 

Growing the Duck Commander Business Phil looked for more ways to make money

Phil Robertson didn’t stop with inventing and patenting his own duck calls. He then went on to create a series of hunting videos with a worldwide fan base, and has become the leading authority on duck hunting techniques. His youngest son, Jules Jeptha “Jep” Robertson is the lead man behind the camera and in the editing room for all of the Duck Commander hunting videos. Jep made his debut as cameraman in the hunting video “Duckmen X”, and has been the company’s video guy ever since. He has been credited with the ability to bring the Duckmen style of hunting out of the swamps and into the living rooms of duck hunters everywhere.
But Phil Robertson doesn’t take credit for all of his success. Phil credits his Christian Faith and his belief in God for most of his success in life. As a strong Christian Phil is invited to speak at hundreds of churches and organizations every year where he shares his believe in God.
So what about those chances to play for the NFL? A few years after leaving Louisiana Tech Phil received a call from an old football buddy encouraging him to try out as a walk on for a particular NFL team. Here is how Phil explains it.
“They said why don’t you go in the NFL and play football? In the 60’s the late 60’s the going price was $60,000. You make the team - 60 Grand I thought, and I miss duck season? And I have large, violent men chasing me trying to stomp me in the dirt? It just seemed like a lot of stress and not a lot of money.”

Phil Robertson’s net worth today has been estimated to be $5 Million.

Ways to Make Money- Learning points from a duck hunting entrepreneur.

Phil Robertson’s success is another example of the power of a free market. Once again we see the advantage a business has over a job as far as earning power and earning potential. Phil Robertson’s success began when decided to enter the field of invention. It allowed him to set his own course in life and leave his job behind. Most Americans only dream of being able to quit their jobs and never have to work for someone else again. The quickest way to fire your boss, become rich and live a life free of a job is to start your own business. And one of the best ways to succeed and make money is by developing your own unique product or service. 

How can Phil Robertson and Duck Dynasty help you succeed? 

Twice in his lifetime Phil Robertson bucked conventional wisdom and followed his own heart. The first time was when he walked away from a potential NFL career, and the second was when he walked away from his teaching career. Phil traded the safety and security of a career for the opportunity to succeed on his own.
Phil became an entrepreneur so that he could take full advantage of the free enterprise system. By starting his own business he could control his income and destiny instead of leaving his employer in control.
The Robertson family success today is the result of decisions Phil Robertson made all the way back in 1970-1972. Phil Robertson did not wait around for success to happen. What you see today is a result of over 30 years of effort by Phil and all of the Robertson boys from Duck Dynasty.
Phil Robertson made something happen!
Think everything has been invented already? World renowned inventor Elwood Woody Norris says that virtually nothing has been invented yet. Sounds ridiculous I know, but coming from the inventor of hypersonic-sound and the holder of over 50 patents, Woody Norris is an authority on invention.  
When do new episodes of Duck Dynasty air?

New shows air on Wednesday nights on the A&E Network at 10:00 pm eastern time or 7:00 pm Pacific time. You can check the A&E Network’s episode guide for other air times. 

Millionaire motivation photo

"Whatever the mind of man can conceive and believe, it can achieve." Napoleon Hill

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